Rent a Local Friend is a global platform that connects people who love to travel with those who are passionate about where they live and have a great story to tell. More than just an outing, we aspire the sharing of local tips and contents, information that will be revealed in no travel book or guide and last but certainly not least the essence of each local culture and spirit. All of this is done in a spontaneous, genuine, collaborative, and interest based way allowing people to connect with those that posess similarities or own characteristics that will allow a full immersion in the visiting destination.

Given excess of information and increasing demand to experience the unique and customized, it is getting harder and harder to filter what is relevant and select where to go and what to do when you travel. Local Friends are also travellers but within their own homes and thus do this homework for you while putting together an itinerary that is 100% customized suiting your needs, interests and making sure to take you to the most authentic and sometimes even traditional little places, guiding you on what and where to shop, teaching about local eating habbits, and showing what is truly authentic while keeping you up to date with the new and noteworthy.

We firmly believe in a new way of traveling and through the services we offer we guarantee that by renting a Local Friend you will have not only an unforgettable outing that goes beyond standard sightseeing or book guided routes, but also the opportunity to understand the city your are travelling to through a full immersion on its culture, habbits and people. Being a tourist can be rather boring and the same everywhere you go, that is, unless you Rent a Local Friend and live each experience as if it is the first!

Live the local spirit, rent a Local Friend